Decorating your Home this Christmas

Decorating your Home this Christmas

Yes, it really is that time of year again. Decking the halls is practically obligatory for all of us during the Christmas period, and with so much pressure on presenting a perfectly preened pine tree and creating a winter wonderland so festive that reindeer land on your roof, here are a few tips to help you create a Christmas to remember.


The Tree

For many of us, the focal point of the Christmas decorations is the tree itself and that presents a few initial decisions – the first being the choice between real or artificial. In recent years, the difference between real and artificial trees has narrowed quite substantially, meaning that many of us are now opting for the longer-lasting artificial tree. However, if you like the traditional option of a fresh tree then consider delaying putting it up by a week or so to ensure that it is still looking its best on Christmas morning – one traditional suggestion would be to wait until 12 days before Christmas on December 13th.


Chic or classic

The next decision for that all-important tree is around the decorations themselves; do you go for a chic colour scheme straight from the pages of Vogue or for the traditional charm? If you choose to go for a colour scheme, then keep it clean and simple – whites and silvers are understated and elegant, lending themselves to most homes. Also, to ensure that your tree has maximum impact then extend the theme in to its surroundings and decorate the rest of the room in the same colour palette as your tree. If you shy away from ‘fashionable’ trees and colour-matched accessories, then the traditional Christmas accoutrements of home-made baubles, paper snowflakes and vintage accessories are probably more in-line with your Christmas aesthetic. Dust off those tree decorations given to you by friends and family, made by your children or passed down through the generations and showcase them on your tree of choice; just make sure that they are evenly distributed so they get the admiration that they deserve.  


Twinkle, Twinkle

When it comes to Christmas decorations, one thing that never goes out of style is a little bit of sparkle! Having lots of reflective decorations around the home really helps to set a festive atmosphere – think lots of candles of different sizes (it’s nice to play with heights of candles for a little more interest) and tealights in crystal glasses. All of the sparkling candles and crystal reflections will set a truly magical tone throughout your home and turn even the most Scrooge-like guests in to Christmas converts.


Stairway to Christmas Heaven

Don’t neglect surfaces such as mantlepieces and staircases, if you really want to have the maximum impact whilst decorating for Christmas. Using offcuts from real trees, lining the handrail of your staircase with branches decants an intoxicating smell of Christmas around your home. When it comes to surfaces such as mantlepieces, use fruit centrepieces to create a feeling of decadence, with very little expense.


Light it up

For many of us, decorating outside of the home seems like an awful lot of effort for such a short period, however when it comes to adding that touch of festive flavour to the outdoors it doesn’t have to be a lighting extravaganza. Thanks to the homemade delights of Kirstie Allsopp, the Christmas wreath is storming back in to fashion for 2018, with ever-more people opting to create their own wreaths. Simply pick out some choice items for your door wreath – such as pinecones, pine tree branches, fruit and ornaments - and adhere them to a wire frame in the shape of a circle and voilà – your outdoor decorations are complete.

Of course, that’s not to say that seeing a home adorned with many a Christmas light doesn’t still stir up that feeling of childhood Christmas excitement in all of us, so if that’s your plan for the exterior of your home, then we insist that you go ahead and light it up!