Winter Wonderland in your Garden

Winter Wonderland in your Garden

Staging a perfect Christmas scene in your garden is simpler than you may think. We always have such a strong focus on decorating the interior of our homes that our exterior often gets neglected, so why not Upstage the current features in your garden with a Christmas twist to make a perfect Winer Wonderland?

Light up any trees or bushes
You can never have too many fairy lights at Christmas! Do something different this year and brighten up those frosty trees and bushes outside your home to create a warm welcome to your guests before they’ve even stepped inside your front door. There are a wide range of fairy lights available now that are both waterproof and specially made for the outdoors, as well as being battery powered too for ease of use.

Decorate your door

The front door is the entrance to your home, so why not make it extravagant this Christmas? Even those without front gardens can make use of this tip as there are so many styles of wreaths to choose from to suit any home and personality, from a classic woodland pinecone wreath to an artificial bright holly wreath.

If you like to get creative you can also add your own touch of sparkle to these by spraying glitter on them, or even making your own from scratch. Foam wreath rings are widely available so you can go out and collect your own holly to make your own individual wreath. Easy fun for all the family!

Bird feeder wreaths are becoming increasingly popular too and can be hung anywhere in the garden. As well as a decorative purpose, you’ve got the added bonus of supporting the wildlife through the colder months, which is sure to please Father Christmas, if nothing else.

Festive scene
A festive scene suggests a warm inviting home; it takes minimal effort and is a lovely touch to add to your garden. Use a wooden or wicker basket to fill with artificial present, plants, flowers, and holly, basically, all things festive! You can even get some artificial candles and festive ornaments to add around it. When selecting plants for the winter ensure to check their desired conditions for them to keep healthy and survive through the colder months. Clear any leaves that have fallen from the trees to keep your garden looking neat. You can even use them to your advantage to decorate your festive scene.

Santa, please stop here!
And finally, one for the children; your winter wonderland wouldn’t be complete without a Santa sign. This can bring excitement and joy to the whole family as the countdown to Christmas continues.

To take it one step further you can add some fake footprints leading off your driveway (if it hasn’t been snowing), or even take it indoors to show the children that Santa has been. Footprint stencils can be bought at low cost or you can even make your own stencil by drawing around a boot and cutting this out of a piece of paper. Using fake snow, you can create your very own path of Santa’s footprints to make your children’s dreams come true.